Cumbernauld Living Landscape

About the project

Our vision for a greener Cumbernauld

Cumbernauld Living Landscape aims to enhance, restore and reconnect green areas of the town. Over 50% of Cumbernauld’s town centre is made up of green spaces: parks, woodlands and gardens. However, these areas are often disconnected from one another and many are not as good for people – or wildlife – as they should be.

Without good quality, healthy places people and wildlife cannot flourish. Working closely with the local community, we need to ensure that healthy places are at the heart of the town’s future. The Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s long-term vision is for a green network in the town, providing clean air, water and retreats from the busyness of everyday life.

Delivering the vision

To achieve the long term vision action must be taken now to build upon the programmes achievements and momentum. We must be more ambitious in the scale and impact of our efforts and have a clear plan for the long term sustainability. Cumbernauld Living Landscape is a partnership project led by the Scottish Wildlife TrustNorth Lanarkshire CouncilForestry Commission Scotland and The Conservation Volunteers. By working with a network of community partners the project aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • The green network is reinforced, expanded and reconnected
  • Ecosystem health and environmental quality is improved (especially in deprived communities)
  • People’s wellbeing is improved due to their connection to the natural environment
  • More people value and have the skills to take responsibility  for their environment

To-date, over 40 individual projects - from pine marten dens in Palacerigg to peatland restoration at Fannyside Muir - have already been developed, and the project team are keen to hear from local people about what they would like to see from the Cumbernauld Living Landscape. 

Putting your project on the map

The map below shows the location of many of our projects. There are lots of ways in which groups can contribute to the Living Landscape vision. If you have a specific project in Cumbernauld or are interested in volunteering opportunities visit our get involved page or get in touch with the team.


Case studies

The case studies below demonstrate how the project is delivering projects that lead to better outcomes through coordinated action.

1. Improving water quality
Improving water quality in the Red Burn (c) Scottish Wildlife Trust
Working in partnership with Scottish Water and the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the project delivered maximum benefit to biodiversity whilst solving a challenging retrofit of a large scale SUDS.
2. Pine martens caught on camera
Image of pine marten (c) Karl Franz
It is many years since the last pine marten was seen in Cumbernauld. This case study shows how volunteer action can have wide reaching benefits.
3. Reclaiming the Langriggs
Medieval Langriggs
Cumbernauld’s Langriggs date back to medieval times, but action was needed to reclaim these historic sites for the community and secure their future.


Programme leaders

Scottish Wildlife Trust   North Lanarkshire Council   Forestry Commission   Central Scotland Green Network  North Lanarkshire Council