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Great end to a Sunday volunteering session with our Nature Ninjas at St Maurice's Pond
Sunday volunteer sessions

We hold volunteer work days on the first Sunday of every month, delivering practical conservation tasks such as the bashing and pulling of invasive non-native species, path maintenance and simple wildflower meadow management.  All this is done as part of a fun inclusive group which will find a task to suit every ones abilities.  We will also be running  ID workshops and surveying techniques from organisations such as the British Dragonfly Society and Buglife etc. as a way of giving something back to our volunteers in areas they care about.  

Interested? Just email us to join or call us to join in 


We can also be reached during office hours on 01236 617 113.

Events Volunteers

Looking for something less physical? Then keep reading to find out if our events volunteering is more your thing. When we are at public shows and events we are always amazed at how few people know about the town's amazing wildlife.  We are looking for people to share their passion of wildlife and the local environment.  The events we attend range from small guided walks to the larger scaled Gardening Scotland weekend, held annually at the Royal Highland Showground. What better way to spend a few hours sharing your passion for wildlife and conservation to inspire families to get out and explore their surroundings.


We can also be reached during office hours on 01236 617 113.


What's on?

We have many events throughout the year, for those of you who love chatting to people and sharing your love of nature

If you would like to sample some of the events that we deliver why not sneak a peak at our events page on Facebook?  These events are family friendly and great for kids and adults to learn fascinating facts about wildlife, conservation and Cumbernauld.


Find your local group

The Cumbernauld Living Landscape is proud to be supported by a wide range of local organisations. All of these groups rely on dedicated volunteers. If you love the great green spaces in Cumbernauld, or want to see your patch improved, contact the groups to find out what is going on.

Across Cumbernauld, community councils comprise people who care about their community and want to make their area a better place to live. They have an important role in local democracy, representing local people's views about services provided by local authorities and other agencies. There are currently eight community councils in Cumbernauld:

  • Carbrain and Hillcrest
  • Condorrat
  • Craigmarloch
  • Kildrum
  • Seafar and Ravenswood
  • The Village
  • Westerwood
  • Westfield

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The Cumbernauld Environmental Society works hard on improving the landscape of Cumbernauld, in association with North Lanarkshire Council and other like-minded community groups.

They have assisted with landscaping work at the Muirfield Centre, worked with North Lanarkshire Council in instigating improvements to the Broadwood Loch area and St Maurice’s Pond, and continued a successful School Engagement Programme (led by former Vice-Chair Kenny McGregor). This has included work on the eco-garden at Cumbernauld High School and at a number of primary schools throughout the town.

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Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community (CVAC) meets monthly to pursue improvements to the amenity of Cumbernauld Village. The CVAC Management Committee works up a range of projects to improve local facilities. CVAC Environmental Group carries out environmental and gardening work and is campaigning to encourage residents and businesses to put up hanging baskets, window boxes and generally make the Village a brighter place to live.

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Friends of Cumbernauld Community Park are working with North Lanarkshire Council to develop and deliver a community park for the 21st Century. In this new park, nearly £2 million in infrastructure, paths and woodland projects have already been installed. Like a garden, Cumbernauld Community Park is always changing, improving and growing so there will always be scope for updating and improvement.

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Friends of Cumbernauld Glen are a community-based conservation group who assist the Scottish Wildlife Trust in management, policy and project decisions within their local wildlife reserve - Cumbernauld Glen - as well as working on projects run by the group itself.

The Friends of Cumbernauld House Park are a local community group dedicated to promoting and improving Cumbernauld House Park, the largest town park in North Lanarkshire. The Friends of Cumbernauld House Park meet in the lower bar of Cumbernauld Theatre on the second Monday of every month at 7pm and anyone is welcome to attend.

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Watch Us Grow is a Cumbernauld-based charity that sells organic vegetables, herbs and plants grown in its gardens at Palacerigg Country Park. Recycled baby goods, nursery equipment and a variety of arts and crafts materials are also available at a reasonable cost through its Nursery Needs project on the Lenziemill Industrial Estate. Watch Us Grow provides a special environment for adults with additional support needs or with mental health problems and learning disabilities to develop new skills, confidence and self esteem.

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Reconnect young people with nature

In this section you will find downloadable resources for teachers and group leaders to run fun activities with groups of 8-12 year olds. This was developed as part of the TCV Natural Communities traineeship. The activities are split into two workshops. On the trail of the pine marten workshop explores the variety of wildlife that can be found in Cumbernauld. The activities include examining skulls, hides, tracks and trails, sounds and smells.  The Habitats workshop takes  children outside to explore their surroundings with two different activities. 

This document is a ‘How to Guide’, which will detail the structure of the Natural Connection workshops and define where the files for each workshop are and how to use the information to deliver them to you group(s).  

Resource kit Presentation

This workshop explores the variety of wildlife that can be found in Cumbernauld through the use of a presentation, and 5 activity stations. The activities include examining skulls, hides, tracks and trails, sounds and smells.  Booklets were supplied for the children to fill in at each station and to take home; the aim of this was to involve the parents.

You can download the instructions and activity sheets below.

Feeling Furry Tell tale tracks Sounds like SOUNDS LIKE (Audio) Skull-duggery Dropping hints Homework 

This workshop takes the children outside to explore their school surroundings through 2 activities. In Habitat Quality Street the children assess the environment via a score sheet, they then discuss their findings.  During the second activity the children become Animal Estate Agents where they have to think about the requirements needed by each assigned animal.  The workshop is rounded up with a game of Musical Eco-chairs, where the children learn about habitat fragmentation, localised extinction and mitigation.

You can download the instructions and activity sheets below.

Quality Habitats Animal estate agents 


Programme leaders

Scottish Wildlife Trust   North Lanarkshire Council   Forestry Commission   Central Scotland Green Network  North Lanarkshire Council