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Natural Connections - Have a thought for wildlife

Photographer © Amy Lewis

This year as you plan your Guy Fawkes Night celebrations have a thought for the wildlife who may take refuge in your bonfire.  Hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts are looking for places to hibernate and your bonfire could appear to be the perfect spot. Here are some handy hints to help wildlife this November. … read more

Natural Connections - Volunteer day at Ravenswood LNR

Rhodedenderon Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve is a cracking we jewel in Cumbernauld.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been taking organisations out on site visits to see how we can raise the awareness of the community and encourage them to use the spot. I have had many comments from the people in these organisations, remarking how wonderful a place it is and rightly so, Ravenswood LNR is a fabulous mosaic of habitats with a great range of wildlife.  It does have a problem though – Invasive Non-Native Species! … read more

Natural Connections - On the right path

NC_Volunteering_CMG_20150906_©T_Lambert (1) The Cumbernauld Living Landscape weekend volunteering programme kicked-off to a fantastic start.  Recently, we were in Cumbernauld Glen helping to support new path works that had been completed thanks to funding from North Lanarkshire Environmental Key Fund. By simply clearing away vegetation, laying weed matting and adding a layer of stones, we can help to reduce the volume of herbicide needed to control weeds and prevent paths from becoming over grown. In the four hours we were working (ok three, it was hot and we needed breaks) we managed to support 60m of path. … read more

Natural Connections - Carbrain Gala day

Dragonfinder @ Placerigg 2015_08_08 (c) SWT (6) I’ve received some really great comments on my column, so thanks to everyone for being so positive. It’s great to know that our community is so interested in nature. My job for the Cumbernauld Living Landscape is to try to engage and connect people with the wonderful wildlife that we share our town with. That’s one reason why you’ll find me at the Cumbernauld Living Landscape stall on 18 August at the Carbrain Gala Day, 11.00-15.00 at the St Margret of Scotland Primary School. … read more

Natural Connections - Dragon Finder

IMG_5055 While we are all waiting for ‘Game of Thrones’ to come back to our screens we can get involved with a little bit of Dragon Finding ourselves!

Froglife in partnership with the Cumbernauld Living Landscape will be running an event on the 8th of August, 11-3pm at Palacerigg Country Park on the hunt for reptiles, amphibians (things that go ‘rebit’) and other wildlife.  There will be a reptile walk at 1:30pm to look for common lizards and slow worms. Good sturdy walking boots or wellies are required due to the terrain this walk is not suitable for under 10’s however there will be crafts and activities on the day. … read more

Natural Connections - Lots of bugs and beasties

20150709_Watch taster WK1_CMG_©Eileen Brown(9)close up I’m always amazed by the fascinating range of people I meet in Cumbernauld. Last week, during the Living Landscape team’s first Wildlife Watch taster session, we had a great group join us and take part in a range of fun activities, from pooter and mask making to identifying lots of bugs and beasties. What a surprise it was to meet one resident who happens to be an entomologist (someone who specialises in the study of insects). It made me appreciate what a rich community we live in and how nature can unite so many people from different walks of life. … read more

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