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Restoring ancient woodland

(C) Katrina Martin (80) Tim Hall, Head of Operations at the Woodland Trust Scotland, takes a journey through Scotland's ancient woodlands and highlights the importance of restoring this incredible habitat. This was recently published in the Scottish Wildlife Trusts, 50 for the Future blog, listing 50 things that they believe should happen in Scotland over the next 50 years to benefit both people and wildlife.  … read more

Get ready for a new community greenspace grant programme

CLL_New College Lanarkshire © Tracy Lambert (8) Get ready for a new community greenspace grant programme. Could your greenspace project benefit from funding?  If so, then get ready for a new community grant programme!  … read more

Re-booting Ravenswood Marsh Conservation Group

Entrance stone Carrick Crawford Ravenswood Marsh is a beautiful area of Cumbernauld that used to have an active ‘Friends of Group’ that enjoyed, protected and promoted it.  However, after the recent folding of Seafar and Ravenswood Community Council, interest in the group has fallen away.  Luckily, local Carrick Crawford is regenerating interest in this superb place and explains his plans for this year in the following blog. … read more

Friends of Cumbernauld House Park's #LivingWindow

Emily Shepherd #LivingWindow for Cumbernauld House Park (c) Beth Chalmers Adam Smith, Chair of Friends of Cumbernauld House Park, shares his experiences of working with Cumbernauld Living Landscape and artist Emily Shepherd to produce their #LivingWindow. … read more

An outer space landscape in Cumbernauld!

Cumbernauld House Park by Emily Shepherd Artist Emily Shepherd shares her experiences of the #LivingWindow project, reflecting on play areas, outer space landscapes and the importance of green areas to Cumbernauld's collective identity. … read more

Watch Us Grow's #LivingWindow

Palacerigg LivingWindow (c) Beth Chalmers We are really looking forward to the launch of the Cumbernauld #LivingWindow project. This exciting and innovative project will show Cumbernauld’s green spaces at their best, and it will be fun to see how the other Community Group’s views of their local community and its wonderful green spaces.  … read more

The story behind the #LivingWindow artworks

Emily Shepherd working on her #LivingWindow When I first went to Cumbernauld I was unprepared for how beautiful a place I’d find it. To believe the negative images portrayed in some past media would be a terrible shame. The Cumbernauld I now know more resembles the idyllic images conjured in the classic film ‘Gregory’s Girl’, with children playing outdoors exploring the landscape in the sun on lazy afternoons and evenings. … read more

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