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Natural Connections - Wildlife Watch looking for budding naturalists

A few years ago now, when I first delivered the pine marten workshops to primary schools I was often asked if there was a club that children could attend to help them learn and reconnect with nature.  Teachers and parents were constantly telling me that there was a demand for this type of activity

We tried a few attempts at getting Watch leaders and then venues and just as we thought we could launch the group something would happen that would knock us back down… but we don’t give up!  … read more

Life in Cumbernauld - what's your experience

Sanctuary Cumbernauld Logo This consultation is being carried out in partnership between Cumbernauld Living Landscape, North Lanarkshire Community Learning and Development and Sanctuary Cumbernauld.
We are interested in learning more about your experience of life in Cumbernauld to allow us to improve the services and opportunities that we offer throughout the town. It should take no longer than ten minutes and your participation is greatly appreciated.
  … read more

Case Study - Reclaiming the medieval Langriggs for the Community

Langriggs Cumbernauld’s Langriggs date back to medieval times, but action was needed to reclaim these historic sites for the community and secure their future.

Case Study - Pine martens caught on camera

PineMarten_(c)Karl Franz_Wildnet It is many years since the last pine marten was seen in Cumbernauld. A Scottish Wildlife Trust volunteer took up the challenge to capture the first ever picture of this shy creature in the town. This case study shows how volunteer action can have wide reaching benefits.

Case Study - Improving water quality in the Red Burn

Improving water quality at the Red Burn (c) Scottish Wildlife Trust A unique partnership between Scottish Water and the Scottish Wildlife Trust ensured that the maximum environmental benefit was delivered from a major project 

Vote for Cumbernauld tree to be best in Scotland

An incredible tree at the centre of the Cumbernauld House Park #LivingWindow has been nominated for Scottish Tree of the year.  Queen Mary’s Tree is reputed to have been planted by Mary Queen of Scots on a visit to Cumbernauld Castle in 1561. … read more

Programme leaders

Scottish Wildlife Trust   North Lanarkshire Council   Forestry Commission   Central Scotland Green Network  North Lanarkshire Council