Cumbernauld Living Landscape



Day 2 0f #30DaysWild

Day 2 #30DaysWild - smelling the flowers in Cumbernauld


Day 1 of #30DaysWild

Day 1 of #30DaysWild - common carder, Bombus pascorum


  • 2nd Jun 2016, by Tracy Lambert
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Rare sighting of Nacreous clouds

A sighting of rare nacreous clouds (wave clouds) over the skies of Cumbernauld this morning. The official term for them is Polar Stratospheric Clouds and they are rare in the Arctic due to the low temperatures needed to form them -85degrees C !!!

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Recruiting now!

In the past two years we have successfully partnered with the Conservation Volunteers to provide a paid training opportunity for someone that is passionate about wildlife and peoples wellbeing. So far we have a 100% record (2 out of 2!) of trainees going onto full time employment in the conservation/environmental sector. This is a great opportunity to gain experience and skills in two of Scotland’s leaning conservation charities. To apply go to the The Conservation Volunteers website or contact the Project Development Manager Ian Mackenzie if you have more questions.

Palacerigg Country Park #LivingWindow by Gabriella DiTano

Palacerigg Country Park #LivingWindow by Gabriella DiTano
Palacerigg Country Park is an exciting place to visit and learn more about nature and animals. It has a petting zoo, including rare breeds of farm animals, a tree top walk with great views for exploring and a plant shop run by Watch Us Grow. The artist Gabriella DiTano has made a series of wooden sculptures that represent these elements: a 'Scots Dumpy' chicken representing rare breeds, 'Wellie boots' to signify wild walks, and a 'Money tree' symbolising Watch Us Grow. Image: Beth Chalmers


Cumbernauld House Park #LivingWindow by Emily Shepherd

Emily Shepherd #LivingWindow for Cumbernauld House Park
Cumbernauld House Park, otherwise known as Cumbernauld Fields, is a great open space for people to play sports or just walk their dog. Legend has it that it is home to a tree planted by Mary Queen of Scots, and the area also features a tree made famous by the film Gregory’s Girl. The artist Emily Shepherd, working alongside Friends of Cumbernauld House Park, has chosen to represent Cumbernauld House - the building that dominates the park - and the rolling hills around it, including the HaHa. Image: Beth Chalmers


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