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A different climate

From the sun drenched woodlands in Tenerife to the snow covered trees of home, it was good to be back!

With the office quiet over Christmas, I decided to take off to a warm and sunny island in the Atlantic for a wee holiday. Whilst it was a bit of a shock to come home to snow, the beautiful crisp countryside and a chance sighting of a deer at the back of my fence made me glad to be back – I had missed Scotland’s wildlife! … read more

Natural Connections - To sleep or not to sleep...

© Amy Lewis

Unless you have been away on holiday or snuggled up in your home for quite a while you will have noticed the drop in temperature in the last month.  This dip in temperature change triggers survival mechanisms for some of our wildlife in Cumbernauld such as hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels, pine martens, bats and other small rodents.  There are a few mechanisms but for now we talk about two, torpor and hibernation which are vital for these animals to survive the winter. … read more

Natural Connections - Natural Capital in Cumbernauld

Heather pollination

I attended The Wildlife Trust’s Conservation in the 21st Century event last week in Edinburgh to discover how we can implement ‘natural capital’ approaches in Scotland.  What is it, I hear you say? Well…natural capital values our environment by looking at the services we derive from nature. A great example of this is pollination from wild bees, butterflies and hoverflies. They estimate this ‘free’ service is worth a whopping £43million to the Scottish economy.  It is becoming increasingly necessary to assign a value to a natural asset in order to protect it for all of us and to show businesses the need for them to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable for their long term survival too. … read more

The future of sustainability – Abronhill Primary School pupils win top award

Abronhill Primary School Jewson Sustainability 2015 Abronhill Primary School and Nursery Class have been commended for their environmental action by winning a national award. The schools nature garden and tree planting programme have helped improve Cumbernauld’s environment. Children have been busy working to enhance their playground, as well as a nearby Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve. Pupils spent hours weeding and planting bulbs and new trees. … read more

Natural Connections - A connection with nature

Buck roe deeer_Westfield_©Tracy Lambert We had a cook out last week for the last Natural Connections workshop for the term with the students of St Maurice’s High School.  The lads instantly took up the primal challenge of cooking outdoors (man vs fire – safely and responsibly!) to supply the other students with amazing bacon butties.  We were surrounded by a sea of smiles as the students, in the pouring rain with a cup of tea in one hand and butties in the other got stuck in.  … read more

Natural Connections - Have a thought for wildlife

Photographer © Amy Lewis

This year as you plan your Guy Fawkes Night celebrations have a thought for the wildlife who may take refuge in your bonfire.  Hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts are looking for places to hibernate and your bonfire could appear to be the perfect spot. Here are some handy hints to help wildlife this November. … read more

Natural Connections - What does nature do for me?

Forest Wood©Tracy Lambert Considering how urban Cumbernauld is amazingly 50% of our town is green and probably just as well taking into account the volume of pollution from the vast number of vehicles on the M80 motorway. This is where our environment comes in or rather its Ecosystem services; these are services which are delivered unseen by our environment i.e. trees and fungi help to clean the air we breathe, look out for black splodges about the size of a 5p piece on the leaves of a sycamore tree.  These splodges are fungi which exchange polluted air for clean air. There are also multiple health benefits; we can reduce our blood pressure, muscle tension, stress and depression just by going out for regular walks in our local greenspaces. … read more

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