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Natural Connections - Wildlife Watch fun

Wildlife Watch leader Sharon helping the kids with identification

Not long now until the kids are back at school and while some of you may think yeah! Other may still be looking for activities for them to do in these last few weeks.  Look no more, the Cumbernauld Living Landscape intern has teamed up with two potential new Wildlife Watch leaders for the area and they are delivering pop up Watch days for the kids. … read more

Looking for funding?

Looking for funding towards environmental improvements in your local area?

Greggs are distributing the money raised through the carrier bag tax to small groups and school who wish to improve their local environment.

You can find out more here -

Grants range from £2500 to £10,000 and all projects must benefit the environment. … read more

Jobs fayre in Cumbernauld

Sanctuary Housing is hosting a Jobs Fayre in Fleming House (ground floor) on the 28th of January from 11am - 3pm.  You can find out more about the fayre on our Facebook Events page.


Natural Connections - To sleep or not to sleep...

© Amy Lewis

Unless you have been away on holiday or snuggled up in your home for quite a while you will have noticed the drop in temperature in the last month.  This dip in temperature change triggers survival mechanisms for some of our wildlife in Cumbernauld such as hedgehogs, badgers, squirrels, pine martens, bats and other small rodents.  There are a few mechanisms but for now we talk about two, torpor and hibernation which are vital for these animals to survive the winter. … read more

Natural Connections - Have a thought for wildlife

Photographer © Amy Lewis

This year as you plan your Guy Fawkes Night celebrations have a thought for the wildlife who may take refuge in your bonfire.  Hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts are looking for places to hibernate and your bonfire could appear to be the perfect spot. Here are some handy hints to help wildlife this November. … read more

Natural Connections - Looking for inspiration

CMN_Autumn©Tracy Lambert (3) I’ve been hit by a touch of writer’s block these last few weeks and I couldn’t work out why!  While out working on our Natural Connections project, I had a conversation with Justyna Pabisz our intern volunteer for the Cumbernauld Living Landscape, and she said “How do you think you are going to get inspiration sitting at your desk all the time, you haven’t been out of the office lately” You know what, she is right.  So I made a concerted effort to get out a wee half hour before I started work to go to a site and just enjoy it. … read more

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