Cumbernauld Living Landscape



The story of Cumbernauld's #LivingWindow

This video tells the story of the #LivingWindow project. We have transformed empty shop windows in Cumbernauld town centre into amazing artworks inspired by the local greenspaces and the groups that care for them.

A snapshot of David Galletly's #LivingWindow

The artist David Galletly, working with the British Dragonfly Society, has taken inspiration from the dragonflies found at Ravenswood Local Nature Reserve to create a kaleidoscope-like animation. Dragonflies thrive in damp marshy area and are a sign of a healthy natural habitat. Cumbernauld has an array of greenspaces that have an abundance of dragonflies.

Design: The power to make your world work better

If for one day you had the power to make your world work better, what would you change?


Cumbernauld: Town for Tomorrow

A fantastic video from 1970 highlighting the original vision behind Cumbernauld town centre. Of particular interest is how important green space was even back then.

Programme leaders

Scottish Wildlife Trust   North Lanarkshire Council   Forestry Commission   Central Scotland Green Network  North Lanarkshire Council