A nature follower would tell you that the first of January is not a special day as it doesn’t follow a natural rhythm. Likewise, astrologers often advise to set intentions at the spring equinox when the energies are kick-starting again.

We can set up New Year intentions if that makes us feel good, BUT we still do not have the energy to follow them before spring so let’s ease the pressure and not try and turn into a beautiful butterfly overnight!

Why not look at re-balancing your energy instead? At this time of year, most living organisms do not grow, but use mechanisms to survive (e.g. animal hibernation, tree dormancy).

Let’s look at where our energy is going. It might help to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Negative thoughts in the form of worries can draw a lot of energy from you and cannot be completely avoided. However, sometimes we might be able to look at the root of the problem and dig it up for good. It might be on different levels. Freeing up emotional energy by having that chat or allowing that family member to do it their own way; cancelling the subscription to that magazine that you never read and use the saving for something you really want.

Looking at the bright side is focusing on what gives you energy. It might just be simple actions like switching on your favourite music (and singing along!) instead of listening to the news three times over. Basically, taking notice to anything that sparks interest or anything that makes you feel lighter. And, if you have been following Wild Ways Well you might already have noticed that a little time in the outdoors can help greatly with that!

Claire Bailly, Senior Project Officer

Cumbernauld LL