Nurturing Natural Connections

A new phase of Cumbernauld Living Landscape, an ambitious partnership initiative with an ecosystem approach to land management, is set to begin thanks to funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund. Led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, the Nurturing Natural Connections project will further enhance, restore and reconnect vital green spaces across Cumbernauld, following an initial one-year development grant of

Merry Christmas Everyone

It is coming to that time of year again where we huddle up in front of the telly to watch the old favourites of Miracle on 34th street, Elf and Wonderful Life etc. while raiding selection boxes for a quick sugar fix. It is very quiet here in the office and with the project ended I’ve been busy doing other

It is goodbye from Creating Natural Connections

It is a bittersweet time here at Creating Natural Connections, with us saying farewell to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) team as the project delivery ends. It still amazes me that it has been 5 years since beginning this project with consultations and events during the development phase to create a project that was driven by the public. Four years later

A helping hand for bees

Spring is beginning to awaken and last week our Project Officer spotted her first tree bumblebee of the year. As you can imagine, the bee was a bit sluggish after a long winter sleep. The bee would have been seeking food and heat. The risk is that this mild period of winter could be a false start for many of

Path works at Broadwood Loch

Swans at Broadwood, (c) Laura H Smith This spring sees the final set of access works being completed through the Cumbernauld Living Landscape.  Works at Broadwood Loch begin on the 20th of February, there are 3 sections of the path network that will be upgraded including the woodland walk which has been flooding for many years. I have a particular

Leaving the nest

By Tracy Lambert, Cumbernauld Living Landscape Project Officer – Young People I’ve lived in this town for 42 years and for the last nine of those I have had the privilege of connecting my community with nature. However, that is all about to change, for me at least, but thankfully only as an employee. You see I am leaving Cumbernauld

The state of our woodlands

The State of the UK’s Woods and Trees 2021 report came out earlier this year. Now you may wonder what that has to do with us here in Cumbernauld? It was based on UK trees. We are only a small town with lots of woodland so we are ok – aren’t we? Well, no, we’re not really. The Cumbernauld Living

It mast be a good year for willow

Willow catkins at seed. c. Tracy Lambert/Cumbernauld Living Landscape. I must admit it has been a bit weird seeing snow in June in Cumbernauld.  Bet that got your attention! In essence that has been what the ground has looked like this summer, all covered with willow seeds.  The edges of the grass paths have looked as if they have been

How to help thirsty bees in your garden

It’s that time of year again, when the pollinators are out and buzzing around searching for food. In some cases, this is just food to eat but others, such as the humble bumblebee, are foraging to feed young in the nest. The constant flying for resources is exhausting! This weather we’ve been having – colds pouring rain one minute, then