Why are we creating natural connections in Cumbernauld?

Many of you know that I have grown up in Cumbernauld. My family moved out here when I was only seven, and to me the open fields around Westfield were just heaven. I would walk for hours following butterflies and rabbits, exploring the old farm fields, hedgerows and woodlands. Things have changed in so many ways now. I am older

Cumbernauld Living Landscape is hiring

Cumbernauld Living Landscape has two exciting opportunities for a Project Manager and a Communications Officer to be part of the next phase of our award winning work. Famous for its 1950’s New Town design, Cumbernauld is home to 52,000 people and a surprising diversity of wildlife. Natural heritage is one of the town’s greatest assets, with woodland, parks and open

Wild Ways Well the Movie?

Last week our group had a very different experience. Untypically, the Tuesday group started with a wee drive up to Palacerigg for a film training led by two researchers from the James Hutton Institute in Aberdeen. Leaving behind the animals in the cold spring we headed towards the very inspiring long houses which mostly look like upside down Viking ship’s

Putting the Wild in Wild Ways Well

Wild Ways Well. What’s in a name? I’m sure everyone out there will agree that it positively trips off the tongue (you trying saying it a dozen times while giving a presentation and see how long it takes to get tongue tied!), but did we just pick the name because of the snazzy alliteration? Or is – as many people

Some Wild Ways Well firsts

It was a busy time for Wild Ways Well last week, with three sessions on the go, I can’t really call it hard work with a clean conscience though, it really just meant more chances to be outside! The first two groups spent their time down in the Glen, having a go at some forest skills and learning about the

We invite you to see our unveiled plans

Over the past few months, Cumbernauld Living Landscape has been carrying out a lot of consultations about the towns green spaces and the community groups who use them.  Thank you to everyone who has taken part and helped us to understand your views about the local green spaces in the town. In the background expert consultants have been out looking at the

Wild Ways Well Returns

Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s Wild Ways Well project is back! Thanks to backing from the Green Infrastructure Fund and Transport Scotland we’ll be offering a brand new programme of walks and conservation activities, and of course the essential cup of tea brewed over an outdoor kettle, throughout 2018. Our free Thursday afternoon sessions are open to anyone who feels they might

Consultation for Cumbernauld Green Route

A new route to improve the link between Abronhill and the town centre through Kildrum and Carbrain is being proposed and the local community are invited to have their say at a special consultation event next month. Cumbernauld Living Landscape and Central Scotland Green Network Trust (CSGNT) have been working for the last two years with community partners to develop

Wild Ways Well 2018

Have you broken any New Year’s resolutions yet? We’re barely into the first week of 2018 and I’ve broken most of mine, which generally focus around eating less chocolate and bacon rolls. Why do I set myself such impossible goals? Time markers can be stressful events for many people. For those of us with depression they can be used as