Last Sunday Paul and I took a group of local residents out to Forest Wood Wildlife Reserve for one of our programmed Discover days.  Starting at the Lime Crescent underpass we walked up into the reserve discovering incredibly beautiful woodlands, smoky peaty water trickling in the burns and fascinating ponds just waiting for us to explore them. 

Having a closer look at the poo
Having a closer look at the poo

Now these walks are designed to be only 2 hours long to give people a sample of what their local reserves have to offer.  Our walk lasted for 4 hours, we just didn’t want to leave after all the amazing discoveries.  First on our route was a find of pine marten poo, a gloop of purple sitting proudly on the path, well this had to be examined further.  Out came the gloves to pick it up and test for smell and sure enough the sweet scent came wafting under our nostrils. 

Ann checking out how the poo smells
Ann checking out the smell of the pine marten poo

Second spot of the day was from Sharon, who with keen eyes spotted a woodpecker’s home and them the bird itself on the tree behind.  A buzzard and grasshopper warbler were next on our list with us finally being buzzed overhead by swifts catching insects on the wing, utterly amazing afternoon.  We do have another walk coming up next month at Broadwood Loch and you can find out more details from our Facebook page  why not come along and see what you can discover? – Cumbernauld Living Landscape 

Dess res for some wee birdy


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