Hold the Date!

Location: Meeting at the allotment car park for 12pm, we have been asked by the Reserve manager of the site to help him finish up the last part of habitat works in a section of Cumbernauld Glen.  The task is clearing the last vestiges of litter and lopping of the stumps of remaining dogwood.

Date:       7th of April

Time:       12-4pm


Please contact p.barclay@tcv.org.uk if you’d like to take part

Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear good walking boots and bring waterproofs (just in case).

The volunteer day will be weather dependant and will be cancelled in the event of bad weather (driving rain, blizzards or winds over or gusting over 30mph), keep an eye out for emails just in case.  Teas, coffee will be available via the Flasks/Kelly kettle & biscuits etc. will be available to keep us motivated.

Children over the age of 8 are welcome at this volunteer day but must be supervised at all times.

Event Start

Event End