Calling all Nature Ninjas,


Cumbernauld Living Landscape has a volunteer day coming up on the 1st of July  from 12-4pm at Cumbernauld Glen as part of the Natural Connections project.  The ninjas have been deployed on this site before to do battle with conservation (surely you mean ‘for’ conservation – ed) so it’ll be a good chance to see how things are getting on since our last visit.

We’ve got a few tasks to have a go at while we’re there, we’ll hunt down and destroy some invasive Himalayan Balsam, we’ll conduct a litter pick in the woods and remove some signs of anti-social behaviour that have been building up so that everyone can enjoy this amazing woodland for the beautiful place it is.

From a Wild Ways Well perspective we’re also going to take a few photographs while we’re there – we badly need more photographs that we can use to publicise our work so we’ll look out for exciting photo ops, and maybe even stage a few if people are willing… there will be shelters, hammocks and fire – though hopefully not all at the same time/location…

 Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear good walking boots/wellies and bring waterproofs (just in case).

The volunteer day will be weather dependant and will be cancelled in the event of bad weather (driving rain, blizzards or winds over 30mph), keep an eye out for emails just in case.  Teas, coffee & pastries will be available to keep us motivated. Children over the age of 8 are welcome at this volunteer day but must be supervised at all times.


Date                      1st July

Time                      12pm – 4pm weather dependant

Location               Allotments Car Park,


Let me know if you are coming along 😊




PS I know we keep promising to go to Forestwood but unfortunately there are a few logistical issues this month, we will stage an event there eventually I promise!


Event Start

Event End


Cumbernauld Glen