We all know that interacting with nature can really help us to feel better about our lives and many of us have experienced that connection over the last few months. But we also know that it is harder than ever for some people to get out there and enjoy it.  So why not join us for a nice relaxing chat about wildlife and the outdoors with friendly like minded people from the comfort of your own home?
On this session we’ll talk about Winter and how the woodlands and Wildlife are preparing for the harsh weather to come. We can also chat about own preparations for the season and how we feel about the changing weather and landscapes
This is intended to be a fun, informal event, where we can all help each other. You can just listen in or join the conversation and tell us about your own favourite places or Hallowe’en tales.
To join us just follow this link for the online platform ‘Zoom’ at 1pm on Monday 30th

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