Wild Ways Well Saturdays are back for 2020!


Wild Ways Well is available for anyone who would like to spend some time amongst nature to help improve their mental well being.


Contact with nature and time spent in green spaces is proven to benefit everyone’s mental wellbeing.  We use the internationally recognised Five Ways Well framework and combine it with fun and informative nature themed sessions in the parks and wildlife reserves of Cumbernauld.


For our January session we’re going to go a wassalin the apple trees to ensure that their spirits wake from their winter slumbers and Cumbernauld enjoys a good harvest!

“Wassaile the trees, that they may bear
You many an Apple and many a Peare:
Here’s to thee old Apple Tree
Hats full, caps full, three bushel bags full!”

This is a traditional activity that people have undertaken for hundreds of years in communities all over the UK to make sure there are plenty of apples to eat later in the year.


We’ll meet at the car park at Greenfaulds Train Station and then walk to the Luggiebank Wildlife Reserve where we’ll spend a couple of hours just enjoying being immersed in nature.

We’ll make natural decorations and crown an Apple King/Queen while brewing some non-alcoholic apple mead and making toast over a campfire.
We’ll then take a walk through the Wildlife Reserve to find some apple trees to wake by reciting some ancient rhymes and banging some pots and pans!

Wild Ways Well is a project which shows how interacting with nature can really benefit everyone’s mental health. It is primarily aimed at adults, though children are welcome with adult supervision.

Sorry but we can’t allow dogs at this event.

This event is free but booking is essential so please let us know if you fancy coming along!

To book contact Paul via email at p.barclay@tcv.org.uk or call 01236 617113

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