In the conservation world we have specific designations for sites which are important for wildlife.  From Sites of Interest for Nature Conservation to Special Protection Areas they all have one thing in common.  They create corridors and pockets of habitats for wildlife to live freely.  Here in Cumbernauld we have many sites with designations, but one that most of you will know are the fantastic local wildlife sites or local nature reserves.

Ravenswood LNR 

These sites have an incredible value to both local residents and to wildlife.  They act as buffers between habitats and between urban housing zones and the wider natural environment.  These buffers soften woodland edges and protect the natural environment from urban encroachment.

St Maurice's Pond

Thanks to support from National Lottery Players the Cumbernauld Living Landscape has been able to utilise 3 beautiful local wildlife sites for events, education and for practical work days where volunteers get fit, have fun, meet new friends and give a little back to their local community.  They are also havens for people who just like to go outside and enjoy a wee bit of peace, walk their dogs or participate with a hobby such as photography. If you have never visited a reserve you are missing out.  So come what are you waiting for, get out there and explore and experience your wild side. Share your experiences with us on Facebook – Cumbernauld Living Landscape

Cumbernauld LL