Over the past week we have seen temperatures on thermometers drop to -5 degrees.  With lack of cloud cover the nights have been getting colder and colder though I must say as a dog owner I love this weather as it is the only time my dogs come in clean due to everything being frozen. It is also a great time for spotting tracks and trails of our local wildlife too, but the best thing about this weather is the sky.

There have been some incredibly beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the past few days, with the clouds in the east rejoicing at the return of daylight and clouds in the west reflecting hues of deep pinks and reds and oranges saying farewell to the end of the day. Then once the sun has submitted to the night sky the amber glow on the horizon is like a dying ember still trying to hold on.

Sunset over Forest Wood Wildlife Reserve

We often spend a lot of our time looking down or just ahead and it could be said that only at times when we look up can we appreciate the wonder of our planets natural daily cycle.  A cycle that is so tied into our surrounding environment and the lives of wildlife. Take time to enjoy these spectacular natural light shows and even take a photo and share with us on our Facebook page.


Tracy Lambert is the Community Engagement Officer for the Natural Connections project. If you would like to get involved contact Tracy via email or visit our Facebook page. 

Cumbernauld LL