Forest Wood is on the southern edge of Cumbernauld. It consists mainly of plantation woodland, with small areas of lowland peat bog, heath and grassland. It is a haven for flowering plants, and the pond is home to damselflies and palmate newts. If you listen carefully you might hear the call of cuckoos in spring – an increasingly rare sound due to years of decline. There is also a connecting footpath to Palacerigg Country Park.



  • Visit in autumn to discover weird and wonderful fungi sprouting throughout the woodland
  • Enjoy a sheltered and peaceful walk as you listen for wood warblers and other songbirds
  • Watch out for the Easter Island head carvings!

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Park at Lime Crescent. Access to the reserve is via the underpass under Forest Road, coming out onto a footpath next to the Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve sign.

For more information, visit the Scottish Wildlife Trust website



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