Cumbernauld Green Routes was part of the Cumbernauld Living Landscape programme. It aimed to transform the centre of Cumbernauld and its links to surrounding communities by creating accessible and enjoyable green routes.

The project was delivered through the generous support of the SUSTRANS Community Links Fund, Central Scotland Green Network, North Lanarkshire Council, Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

Watch the video, below, to see what was achieved!

Project timeline

Key contacts

Tracy Lambert
Project Manager

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Discovering Cumbernauld’s magical Green Route

This month Cumbernauld Living Landscape teamed up with Rowanbank Environmental Arts and Education to deliver an enchanting walking theatre along the Green Route that connects Cumbernauld’s urban centre, through the

The gully’s on Google

Thanks to the efforts of a local volunteer Cabrain gully can now be explored in Google Maps. Until recently many of the footpaths in Cumbernauld have not been visible on

Consultation for Cumbernauld Green Route

A new route to improve the link between Abronhill and the town centre through Kildrum and Carbrain is being proposed and the local community are invited to have their say


A new route to improve the link between Abronhill and the town centre through Kildrum and Carbrain is being proposed.

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We aim to improve the quality of planting along Glenhove Road and around Carbrain Primary School and create an informal meeting space.


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The long greenspace alongside Clouden Road, Kildrum will be improved with natural play facilities, wildflower meadows and opportunities for community food growing.

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The area between Cedar Road and Rowna Road will be improved with better seating, informal play, fruit trees and colorful wildflower meadows

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All of our research has shown that the condition of the underpasses stops people using the routes. We will improve the drainage, lighting and appearance of the underpasses and work with local schools to create art works.

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Our research so far

To find out what the barriers are for both people and wildlife the project has carried out extensive research. This has engaged people from across the routes and carried out detailed wildlife habitat surveys. You can read the full community research report here.

Launch FlyerThe launch event in Cumbernauld Town Hall on Tuesday 27th October 2015 got the conversation started. There were a number of creative workshops for people to get involved in and fun games for the kids.

Green Routes Communityr Research (c) Pidgin Perfect
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Our research into Cumbernauld’s Green Routes began on the ground accompany local walking groups along three key routes, using their knowledge and experience to gain an understanding of how the Green Routes are used currently.

Cumbernauld Green Routes PostcardThrough October and November 2015 there were several wee green boxes around the town just waiting to hear your views. People could get their hands on one of our postcards and tell us about their green routes.

Green Routes Community Reasearch (c) Pidgin Perfect 87
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Following on the launch event, we worked with several community groups to explore in more detail the key themes raised by the local people of Cumbernauld about the Green Routes.

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Rounding up the consultation process, the design event involved local stakeholders and members of community in a series of design-led workshops. This collaborative process was an opportunity to visualise what Green Routes might look like in the future.

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