Our plans

We have developed Habitat and Access Network Plans which will tackle key threats and gaps in the town’s green network by actively managing 230 ha of urban woodlands, improving the biodiversity of 22 local greenspaces and removing the barriers to access to nine natural heritage sites. The plans prioritise actions which provide the greatest possible community benefit and involvement and will be delivered on wildlife sites owned and managed by North Lanarkshire Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust.

We will enable more people to access nature on their doorstep by delivering targeted access improvements, raising awareness of local sites with events and building people’s confidence in using the natural environment.

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Our approach

The project will deliver significant enhancements to Cumbernauld’s habitat network and greenspace access by tackling key threats and opportunities. The development phase facilitated the development of a Habitat Network Plan, an Access Network Plan and an Action Plan in consultation with local stakeholders and the community.

The plans have considered the potential for community benefit from, and involvement in, these projects and how this can be achieved. All work will be delivered with the agreement and support of the landowning partners (North Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Wildlife Trust and Sanctuary Scotland) who have agreed to integrate the maintenance of the plans into their management regimes.

The habitat and access improvements have been planned strategically together through three key themes:

  1. Securing the woodland network will create a sustainable core woodland whilst reinforcing and expanding key habitat connections
  2. Making the most of the habitat mosaic seeks to protect important sites whilst creating new habitats and diversifying greenspaces in urban areas
  3. Accessing Cumbernauld’s wild side aims to make natural heritage accessible to all in key locations and improve access close to people’s homes

Key contacts

Ian Mackenzie
Project Development Manager

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