Summer Days

After the warm weather in early summer you might be forgiven for thinking autumn had arrived early recently. It’s been a topsy-turvy year weather wise and there’s no doubt that some parts of nature are as confused as I am. Early summer plants like cowslips are coming back into flower over recent weeks and I’m still seeing breeding behaviour going on with some bird species. The truth is that there’s still plenty of quality time left in the year. There’s still time for flowers to bloom and, if they’re lucky, even for birds to raise a family. We can learn a lesson from the optimism of the cowslips and the blackbirds, they’re prepared to gamble on the good times still to come and so should we. There’s still time for picnics and fun times in the sunshine. The Sunday volunteers were out last weekend in the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Seafar Wood reserve conducting another litter pick. We were there back in spring doing the same thing but unfortunately this is a task that needs to be regularly repeated. Litter is