Take a closer look

The spate of heavenly weather we have been having makes getting out for a walk all the more pleasant. Feeling the sun warm on your face and enjoying the tiniest of breezes is pure heaven! On a recent walk I thought I would see how many wildflowers I could spot, to give me a feel for what creating more meadows through our new Cumbernauld Living Landscape initiative can do. I walked, I immediately started to spot the wildflowers growing in amongst the buttercups and grasses. As I listed off the number of wildflowers I could see, I was amazed to count at least 40 different species. But when I said to a fellow canine personal trainer “isn’t the meadow looking lovely?” the reply came in a questionable tone, “what the buttercups?” I spoke of all the different wildflowers I had come across and my dog walking compatriot thought I was nuts. Challenge accepted! I took her for a walk through the meadow and started to show her the different flowers – she was stunned, so I was happy! Because the