Help wildlife the easy way

It’s summer time and our streets are alive with the sound of lawnmowers. But if you have a garden consider taking a closer look at your patch of green before you mow. This year I decided to do just that and left my first cut a little late– and was thrilled to find my lawn full of spotted orchids! There’s something special about orchids. Their mysterious life cycle means it’s always a joy to spot a colony of them in the wild – never mind in the garden! They must have been lying dormant for years before just the right conditions – and the right lackadaisical gardener – came along and allowed them to flourish. Once I had found the orchids it was impossible to avoid looking further. I soon counted more than a dozen species of wildflower growing among the grass. From the humble but beautiful daisies, dandelions, clover and buttercups, to colourful mouse-ear hawkweed and delicate tufted vetch, eyebright, stitchwort, self heal and more. Once I’d spotted the flowers it became impossible to miss the pollinators. The grass