Recently Cumbernauld Living Landscape received an enquiry about insect bites and whether anyone else been bothered by them. The quick answer is yes. Since the middle to end of March my household has been scratching legs and arms to ease the incessant burning itch, issuing from what look like wee heat spots.

I thought it a wee bit early for midges, but forgot that we have had such a mild and wet winter. So when our Facebook page got an enquiry about bites part of me was relieved that we are not the only ones suffering. It confirmed that it had to be insects such as the midge; I do feel for the other families who are having to deal with this infernal itch. If you are concerned, seek professional advice, your local pharmacy is a great place to start! Insect bites are a pain but totally manageable.

We do have a friendly character out there who is helping us deal with these pesky blighters. At night when I walk my dogs, I have seen a lot more bats on the route than I have seen previously. They are having a field day swooping and turning on a sixpence, munching their way through the continual flow of midge food. These bats can eat between 3000-4000 midges in one night. Bats are essential for pest control and are amazing to listen to with bat detectors, their social calls and feeding frenzies come through as buzzes and farts. Such a happy mammal to listen to!

AND awesome fact… some young children can hear these clicks and buzzes, so next time you are out with your children for an evening walk see if they can pick up the sounds!

Tracy Lambert