So, I don’t know about you, but I am personally sick of shielding! I have learned that in these past few months being outside has a level of importance to me that I took for granted. Lack of exercise and that feeling of freedom of movement have left me sore and in low mood.

It is not natural to stay indoors for such a long period of time and thankfully the end is in sight if things keep improving. That is going to present a whole load of other issues, lets look at those together.

Being able to go outside again is going to be overwhelming for some, and that’s ok, this current crisis is something that took us by surprise. Going out for a walk in the evening, when a lot of folks are having their tea, is a good idea! It is quiet and ideal to go for a slow stroll, feel grass and tarmac under your feet.

Start with short distances, remember being in the house will mean you haven’t used your muscles the way you normally would, take it easy and while you do that listen to your surroundings what can you hear, how many different birds are singing in the trees?

If you begin to feel uncertain, take deep breaths and allow yourself to naturally calm down. Think about the fragrances you can smell on the night air and what you can see going on around you.

Once you get back put your arms around yourself and gently squeeze yourself a hug, this motion triggers the vagus nerve to create a calming feeling. And finally, grab a cuppa.

Each of the things you have done on that short walk will ground you back to yourself and nature through your senses. You can learn more about how nature benefits our health and wellbeing on the Cumbernauld Living Landscape website.

Tracy Lambert, Project Officer

Tracy Lambert