Josh was out on a walk and spotted a really cool bird’s nest….
Birds nest © Josh Chambers
While I was on a (social distanced) walk I found this bird’s nest high up in a tree. The nest was rather large. However, I was unable to see any type of bird to help me with its identification. The nest was very visible due to the lack of leaves to provide camouflage. It is well protected from any predators due to its height and is clearly very durable to survive the snow, ice and high winds we have had recently.
A bird’s nest’s basic purpose is to protect its eggs and baby birds. Depending on the species, the nest can sometimes be made solely by the male or female, or it can also be a joint effort. It is species dependant, but most nests are made in cup shape and some use materials like sticks, grass and leaves; while others use tree branches, mud or stones. There are many kinds of birds’ nests in a variety of shapes sizes and materials. Not all birds build nests but most do. If you see a bird’s nest in a tree leave it where it is and enjoy the fascination of the bird’s creation.

Cumbernauld Living Landscape