Wild Ways Well presents Tea in the Dark!


Have you ever wondered what goes on in the woods at night?  What animals come out when people aren’t usually around? What noises can you hear amongst the trees as Owls begin to hunt, Pine Martens venture from their dens and the trees settle down to contemplate the day’s events?

On this evening Wild Ways Well event we’ll take a walk out into one of Cumbernauld’s most beautiful natural areas and find out for ourselves.

We’ll arrive just as the sun is setting and the light is fading from the sky, we’ll boil some water over the fire in Kelly Kettles and we’ll simply settle down with a cup of tea and allow the night to fall around us.

We’ll listen to the soundscape, and maybe take the opportunity to tell a few stories of our own – nothing too spooky mind, I’m afraid of the dark!


This is a great chance to spend some time in a natural area, see it in a different way from the norm and experience some of the  proven benefits that spending time in nature brings to your mental wellbeing.


This event is free but booking is essential. Please dress for the weather (remember it’ll get cold after the sun goes down) wear sensible footwear (trainers are fine) and bring a torch if you’ve got one.


Unfortunately we cannot allow dogs on this session.


To book please contact Paul at p.barclay@tcv.org.uk or call 01236 617113


Event Start

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