What is Creating Natural Connections?

Creating Natural Connections project is a four-year initiative that aims to make the town’s woods, parks and open spaces better for wildlife and people with the support of National Lottery players.

Project aims:

  1. Create a community network that connects more people to nature and gives a wider range of people the capacity to benefit from and improve Cumbernauld’s greenspaces
  2. Improving the quality of Cumbernauld’s greenspaces for people and wildlife

Project development

Having built up a strong local knowledge base and piloted community engagement models, the Scottish Wildlife Trust and its partners are now ready to deliver a project bringing transformational change to Cumbernauld’s natural heritage and how local people engage with it.   

Cumbernauld Living Landscape has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop its four year Creating Natural Connections project.  Working with the community the team will nurture ideas and strategies to improve habitat and access connections within and between greenspaces whilst working with local young people, hard-to-reach groups and community groups to build a sustainable network of people who care about – and have the skills to care for – the town’s natural heritage in years to come.

National Lottery - Heritage Lottery fund


Project timeline


Key contacts

Tracy Lambert
Community Engagement Officer

Comment on our ideas

Over the past few months we have been out and about speaking to hundreds of people. We have run workshops, consultation events and chatted to people over many, many cups of coffee. Here are our ideas so far, click on the links to see more detail and tell us what you think below.

Habitats and access

To gain the greatest benefit from the towns greenspaces it is essential to create, enhance and manage our woodlands, meadows and access network. We need more people to take action and contribute.

Health and wellbeing

Expanding our Wild Ways Well programme we aim to get people at risk of poor mental health out into the greenspaces of Cumbernauld. We want to ensure that this cuts across all of our work.

Community network

Building on from the Engaging Communities project our cross community approach will continue to raise awareness of the valuable greenspaces in the town and the benefits these sites provide for people.

Project partners

Funding partners


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