We wish yew a Merry Christmas

Every December the world stops. For weeks now the light has been fading,every day shorter than the one before, the cold and the dark becoming all encompassing. And then for a few days in December time stands still. The sun stops its retreat and holds its position in the sky… And the year turns. Minute


Have your say on our future

What a hectic and amazing few weeks we’ve had! As you will have seen last week we won the acclaimed Youth and Education at the Nature of Scotland Awards ceremony. For me that was a huge slab of icing on the cake for the end of our Engaging Communities project – locally known as Natural


And the winner is ….

We are the champions! Last Thursday night Ian and I along with two lovely teachers from St Maurice’s High school attended the RSPB Nature of Scotland awards in Edinburgh. These awards are the equivalent of the Oscars for Conservation, and what a night!  Everyone was done up to the nines and sitting on the edge


Fantastic Fungi

While out with the Wild Ways Well group this Thursday we were lucky enough to come across some amazing fungi in the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Seafar Wood Wildlife Reserve. Each one was the size of a pinhead, and they ranged in colour from brilliant orange to vivid green. Fungi are fascinating, belonging to a Kingdom


Cumbernauld Living Landscape wins National Lottery support

Cumbernauld Living Landscape has received initial support from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop its Creating Natural Connections project. This is a four-year initiative that aims to make the town’s woods, parks and open spaces better for wildlife and people with the support of National Lottery players.


Natural Connections – A great effort at awards

Left to right Provost Jim Leighton MBE, me, Gemma CLL Community Engagement Assistant CJS, Doreen Tesco Community Champion and William our first ever Nature Ninja volunteer

Last Thursday a group of participants in the Cumbernauld’s Bloomin’ Wild attended the Beautiful Scotland award in Dunfermline coordinated by Keep Scotland Beautiful.  It was a fantastic day with people from all over Scotland celebrating what make their place special.  These awards are a way of recognising hard work and determination, mostly carried out by volunteers, to improve parks, reserves, business districts and residential gardens.  Read on to find out how Cumbernauld's Bloomin' Wild got on.


Natural Connections Moia to Forest Wood than you think

Visitors to the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Forest Wood reserve may have come across the carved wooden pine martens hiding in their natural habitat, but did you know this woodland has now sprouted four statues based on Easter Island’s famous moai too?

Moai in Forest Wood Wildlife Reserve



Natural Connections – Workday at St Maurice’s Pond

Workday at St Maurice's Pond to close the gaps in the boardwalk.  Thanks to NLC Country Parks and The Conservation Volunteers, one section complete 4 more to go! Well done guys.



Natural Connections – A Beautiful day for judging

At the start of August we had two lovely volunteer judges from Keep Scotland Beautiful out assessing areas in our town for the Beautiful Scotland of Cumbernauld’s Bloomin’ Wild.  It was a mixed day of sun and showers but that didn’t stop our local groups from shining on the day.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Adam Smith of the Cumbernauld Environmental Society for organising and delivering Cumbernauld’s previous entries over a number of years.  This is a huge undertaking and one that surprised us in its depth and requirements.


Natural Connections – Family Fun Day

This year the Friends of Cumbernauld House Park and Glen are hosting the final event of the summer on the 19th of August from 12pm – 3pm.  The event will be at Cumbernauld House Park in the field in front of the big house with a variety of stalls and fun activities.

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