Word has been going around the campfire about the great work Cumbernauld Living Landscape has been doing with young people of the town. So much so that we were invited to an event called Investing in Young People; Investing in our Environment by the Central Scotland Green Network Trust.

I invited the Achieve students from Greenfaulds High School to come along and we decided to make a day of it with a wee tour of Edinburgh.  We visited Johnston Terrace Garden, the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s smallest wildlife reserve, which is hidden away deep in the heart of the Old Town. We learned all about the garden and how important these spaces can be for wildlife and people.

We also had a wander down to the Christmas market on Princes Street to see how large spaces can be used for spectacular public events. Needless to say, the funfair grabbed their attention more than my explanation of how parks can be used in lots of different ways to benefit people. I can’t blame them, it was a wonderfully chilly and festive afternoon.

We then headed off to the Scottish Parliament for the event itself. The students were slightly overwhelmed with so many people in the room wanting to ask questions, but they were in their element with a tour of the chambers and getting to sit in the seats usually occupied by the First Minster and her cabinet.

One thing that that struck me from this event was the many comments about young people being the future, but we need to remember that they already here and making a difference in the here and now! Cumbernauld Living Landscape is investing in the town’s young people and has been doing so now for the past three years, nurturing their passion for nature to benefit them individually and also our environment.

Tracy Lambert