For some the thought of returning to high school is great, the holidays have been a bit too long the weather not so good and it will be great to see their pals again, but others hate it.  They don’t know how to relate to their peers, they may not be responsive to current methods of teaching or don’t do well in exams.  The pressure builds until they decide to just stay out of school and not bother with an education.

The Cumbernauld Living Landscape has identified a possible solution to this and over the past year trialled the highly successful Natural Connections to 2 high schools in the town.  We are about to deliver the next phase of workshops to the remaining high schools Cumbernauld Academy and Our Lady’s from September.  A very exciting time and I can’t wait to get started!

Teachers and Students enjoying the outdoors together!

Outdoor Learning is essential in today’s virtual world, we are disconnected from nature and forget that is not only our environment which is becoming more urbanised it is also us.  When we are outside we strengthen our senses and attention spans – what a great FREE tool for young people studying subjects in school. It also encourages stronger understanding and stewardship of our natural world and in a town that is 50% green that is essential to help take care of it.  Natural Connections aims to achieve this in, let’s face it, a very short time (8 months) imagine what could be achieved if we connected with our natural surroundings more! You can follow our story on Facebook – Cumbernauld Living Landscape

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