Owned and managed by both North Lanarkshire Council as part of Palacerigg Country Park and the Scottish Wildlife Trust as part of Forest Wood Reserve, this mixed woodland features ancient trees alongside invasive Sitka spruce. The land has a mining history and is also the site of one of Cumbernauld’s lowland raised bog habitats, with a number of ponds ideal for wildlife-watching. The woodland is a haven for insects such as hawk moths. Pine martens, once persecuted to near-extinction, are making a comeback here.


  • Keep a lookout for signs of badgers as you explore the ancient woodland 
  • Go foraging for blaeberries in summer 
  • Stay very quiet and you may be rewarded with the site of roe deer darting across open greenspace 


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There is an informal parking area on Forest Road, located near the B8054 turn off.

For more information, visit the North Lanarkshire Council website


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