Managed by North Lanarkshire Council, Ravenswood is a rich mosaic of open marsh, meadow, grassland, wildlife ponds and woodland. You can spot wildlife all year-round including insects, song birds, diving birds and mammals. There is an ‘outdoor classroom’ at the main entrance, created by our Nature Ninjas and Wild Ways Well participants.



  • Listen for the cry of buzzards soaring in the skies above
  • In summer, search for bees and butterflies in the wildflower meadows and dragonflies and damselflies by the ponds
  • Explore the edges of the ponds, and you may be lucky enough to spot signs of otter tracks

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The site is easily accessible from Balloch, Condorrat and from the Town Centre. There is informal parking on nearby Island and Skye Roads.

For more information, visit the North Lanarkshire Council website


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