We will:

Take a participatory approach to co-develop the volunteer and engagement programme, including identification of key referral partners for development of employability focused activities; delivery of taster volunteer and guided walks sessions with embedded consultation; analyise and report on consultation findings to inform delivery. 

We will also develop a community engagement plan, including outreach to new community groups and individuals and explore and an intervention plan to enhance green route accessibility: improvements enabling access to and between Local Nature Reserves and other greenspaces, and linking to longer routes to encourage commuting and wellbeing.

Develop a training programme for project staff and supporting roles across partner organisations to embed Trauma Informed practice, in collusion with those already accessing Trauma Informed services. This will help us understand how people affected by trauma may want to access nature and we will create a pilot to help individuals do so.

An Advocacy Assessment and broader Advocacy Strategy will be created, including stakeholder analysis to inform development of a public collaborative advocacy plan to embed green infrastructure in Community Growth Areas and positively connect with Natural Heritage of adjacent Greenspaces. 

How we will deliver:

Training will be developed through working with our partners at Sanctuary Scotland. Those affected by Trauma will help inform activities that are of importance to them and refine a programme to connect with nature for multiple benefits

Key contacts

Tracy Lambert
Project Manager
David Meechan
Development Officer

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