We will:

Work closely with our partners North Lanarkshire Council’s Greenspace Development team and Tree Assets Manager, together with the Scottish Wildlife Trust’s Greenspace Reserves Manager to identify a list of capital works that will priorities mitigation of climate change and biodiversity loss. The selection of capital works will be based on landowner mapping, updated habitat mapping (including the Long–Term Forest Plans) and riparian habitat surveys from the Riverwoods initiative. The selected programme of works will enhance habitat resilience and connectivity (with focus on riparian habitats, native woodlands and wildflower grasslands), while securing required licences.

Ecological surveys will be commissioned to record specific Invasive Non-Native Species and protected species to guide development of capital habitat works, volunteer activities, the trainee ecologist programme and citizen science activities. Project staff will conduct Garden escapee surveys as part of volunteer taster sessions on the periphery of reserves, to build our understanding of species, spread and inform removal. Baseline fish surveys  will be carried out to inform evaluation of freshwater enhancement activities.

Participatory development of a Climate Resilience Plan, based on Forestry and Land Scotland guidance, with multi-landowner & manager engagement to identify interventions to mitigate wildfire risk and enhance flood risk mitigation through nature-based solutions.  This will have a specific focus on greenspaces close to proposed Community Growth Areas, including Forest Wood, Palacerigg & Arns Plantation.

How we will deliver:

Examine the habitat opportunities available that cross multiple layers of complexity, i.e. risk of flooding, habitat loss and the Scottish Index of Multiple Depravations (SIMD) to highlight priority zones for improvements to greenspaces, to expand connectivity for people and wildlife, improve biodiversity and aid in the fight against climate change. Public consultations will be held to gather the information required to show evidence of need. Consultations can take place as dedicated sessions, guided walks or sessions and as online and in person surveys.

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Tracy Lambert
Project Manager
David Meechan
Development Officer

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