Welcome to the Early Connections resource pack for Wild About Pollinators, here you will find:

  • Lesson plans
  • Curriculum for excellence links
  • PowerPoint presentations (where required)
  • Presentation notes
  • Session booklets (where required)
  • Activity worksheets
  • Instructions

Each of these documents will help guide you through delivering a session related to our “Wild About…” series.  Workshops are suitable for children aged 8-11 years of age and can easily be adjusted for different ages. These packs can be used by community groups and home school educators as well as teaching staff in primary school education.

Our packs include activities that will benefit your child’s wellbeing and educational needs. The educational material can be used as an individual activity or as a full pack. In a classroom setting estimate 1 hour to deliver the full session.

The “Wild About…” series is inspired by the habitats and access works being conducted through the National Lottery Heritage Funded, Creating Natural Connections programme. We believe that by demonstrating our conservation work in an everyday setting, and connecting your child to nature, we will build a greater understanding of what is needed for our children and nature to thrive for generations to come.