My drive to work each day takes me along Eastfield Road to the office and for the past four years I have been watching the high rise flats in Seafar and Kildrum slowly disappear, as Sanctuary Scotland creates space for new housing that will not only be of huge benefit to residents but also change the skyline of Cumbernauld.

I enjoy my drive to work, especially the section coming down from Westerwood. Driving over the crest of the hill gives you a clear vantage point to look out over Cumbernauld Glen and Abronhill. I love seeing the woodlands on a misty morning with bands of muted greens as the mist slowly dissipates. It makes me wonder what’s there, who has walked through them, what stories could the trees tell you, and what history have they witnessed?

Before (c) Katrina Martin 2020VISION - After (c) T Lambert
Before (c) Katrina Martin 2020VISION – After (c) T Lambert

I had been wondering what it would all look like once the buildings that broke the treeline were no more. So, you can imagine my dismay when I realised I’d been driving by for two weeks without a thought, simply because I couldn’t see the flats. It made me think of how we notice things and how sometimes we need something that sticks out to help us appreciate what is around us.

I visited Forest Wood Wildlife Reserve to see the full impact and from there you can certainly see the difference. There’s a section of that woodland where you can look down across the town, and see the change for yourself to see what has changed, and how it makes Cumbernauld look greener.

Large or small changes can affect how we look at and appreciate our surroundings. We have so much to appreciate here in the town, all it takes is to take a moment to look.

Tracy Lambert