Next time you are in Tesco think of St Maurice's pond and cast your vote to help us improve the area.As part of the Natural Connection project the Scottish Wildlife Trust has been working with St Maurice’s High School to raise awareness of St Maurice’s Pond and encourage local young people to make the improvements.  The pupils have already made a start on their Action Plan, and have been carrying out activities such as meadow management and removal of non-native species.  However, they have identified a number of priorities that they are unable to deliver without extra resources


With the help of Tesco’s Bags of Help campaign we have secured £8,000 to improve the boardwalk. But the pupils would like to take this further and create a community orchard and information for visitors. They can only do this if you vote for their project at your local Tesco’s.  The voting starts on Saturday 27th February and is open for one week only until the 6th March.

So remember to vote next time you are in Tesco!

Cumbernauld LL