I love autumn. We get to see the trees and plants prepare themselves for winter by drawing down the energy they have spent spring and summer creating. This energy transfers back to the roots, discarding the leaves once it is reabsorbed. It is this process which gives us the multi-coloured hues of autumn.

The Halloween Tree

Autumn reminds me of childhood days spend watching the rain pelt the windows, wrapped up all cosy in a duvet. I would think about how the blankets of leaves on the ground in their yellows, oranges and reds would act like a blanket for the roots of the plants, keeping them snug and warm during the cold winter months.

I was at university with a student from overseas who came to Scotland to experience this season. He’d never seen autumnal changes and thought a semester in Scotland would be just the job. He wasn’t wrong, but he hadn’t realised that in Scotland we often experience all four seasons in one day!

Here in Cumbernauld we are incredibly lucky to have so many beautiful woodlands where you can go to witness the transformation. There are many opportunities to scuff our boots in leaves piled high on paths are not to be missed, splashing in puddles are great experiences for us all no matter our age. It’s a great time for young and old to connect to share stories and experiences.

Also with this season come the storms. Summer’s last tantrum before giving into its older sibling, autumn. It is definitely a good time to grab your coat, gloves and hats and head out on the calmer days to feel the change in the winds, and experience the variety of colours on the trees.

What Scottish Wildlife Trust reserve will you visit this weekend? Post your images on the Cumbernauld Living Landscape Facebook page. 

Tracy Lambert