Watch our Creating Natural Connections video!

The opening shot of our video, a drone shot over Broadwood Loch (c) Vass Media  Delivery of our Creating Natural Connections project ended in June 2023. Much has been achieved throughout the project, and we were keen to mark this in a permanent way. We decided a video was a fantastic way to showcase the work we have done and

It is goodbye from Creating Natural Connections

It is a bittersweet time here at Creating Natural Connections, with us saying farewell to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) team as the project delivery ends. It still amazes me that it has been 5 years since beginning this project with consultations and events during the development phase to create a project that was driven by the public. Four years later

Summer fun and sun

There are so many activities to do here in Cumbernauld!  Pic (c) CLL  With the summer sun comes the thought of summer holidays, and with that comes the thought of … “how on earth are we going to keep the kids entertained for seven weeks?” Well, we’re here to lend you a hand and give you some nature-based activity ideas,

Let’s Go Wild!

  Our current project, Creating Natural Connections, is coming to a close at the end of June. It’s been an interesting time to be delivering a project, with a global pandemic thrown into the mix, but we are ready to celebrate the achievements made over the past four years. To do this, we are hosting a ‘Wild Week’ of events

Let’s hear it for the volunteers!

      Litter picking at Cumbernauld House Park (C) Aimée Moretti Volunteers are at the very core of Cumbernauld Living Landscape. The work we have delivered over 4 years would not have been possible without the dedication, strength and joyous spirits of our Nature Ninja volunteers. We want to take the time to celebrate these brilliant people who have

Going a bit batty!

Bats are one of our most interesting and elusive mammals in Scotland. And they’ve just started to emerge from hibernation. They are one of the only mammals to hibernate here – the dormouse and the hedgehog being the others. If you’re out walking the dog or coming home at dusk, the chances are there are bats overhead, flitting around streetlights

Looking out for Bluebells

(c) Katrina Martin/2020 Vision    ‘There is a silent eloquence In every wild bluebell’ – Anne Brontë As we begin to see the bluebell carpets rolling out, this quote certainly rings true. I want to take this time to highlight the importance of protecting these beautiful flowers. Throughout the blog, I will be referring to the ‘common bluebell’ but that

One swallow does not a summer make…..

Swallow, (c) Chris Gomershall, 2020Vision Every spring, I long for the sight of swallows returning to perch on telegraph wires and preen themselves after a mammoth journey which seems impossible for such a tiny, slight bird. Their chatter has been the constant soundtrack to my life over the years and their petrol blue and red plumage – and forked tails

New beginnings…..

At this time of year, I think it’s very appropriate to talk about new beginnings. As a DreamWorks character stated “Easter is new beginnings, new life. Easter is about hope,” and so is Spring itself. Hello, I’m Natalie, a new Trainee with Cumbernauld Living Landscape and I’m very new to conservation as my background is actually in childcare, which I

Keep it clean! Big litter pick a massive success

Volunteers gathered for a Big Spring Clean at Seafar Wood, picture (c) Laura Healy Smith In case you missed the memo, our project organised a BIG litter pick throughout Seafar Wood Wildlife Reserve on 1st April! This event was in partnership with Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of their Spring Clean 2023. Since 17th March, the Nature Ninjas volunteer group