Seafar Woods Wildlife Reserve image Tracy Lambert
Seafar Woods Wildlife Reserve image Tracy Lambert

You might not think that you are in tune with the seasons, but I wonder if you are finding it harder to get out of bed in recent weeks? Autumn is a time of withdrawal and of waning energy. As the light wanes there is no point for trees to grow any leaves and they wisely part with what they do not need. It’s similar for people.

We might have had a bright summer and been very active or feeling restless under the influence on the solar energy. Now is the time to accept that we feel more tired and maybe we don’t need to strive. Maybe it is the best time for us to let go, sit back and enjoy the slowness of time.

We might feel uncomfortable with change in general. I guess most of us would agree that stability rhymes with security. However, staying still is not natural. Most of our cells are renewed in our lifetime with an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years so basically as an adult, you are a totally different individual than you were as a child.

So let’s go into our autumn mood. It is easier to go with the flow rather than fight it. Do you know what divers say? If you are trapped in a whirlpool do not try to fight, go into it!

My advice this autumn is to feel what you feel, acknowledge it without trying to change it or to beat yourself up about it. Most importantly, let’s not forget to focus that the energy we have on things that bring us joy. Take time to stop in your brisk walk, blink at the sun, look up at the blue sky or notice the blackbird enjoying the softness of the earth after the rain.


Cumbernauld LL