Come and join me in the Cornerstone Shop within the Antonine Centre, Cumbernauld, for a craft related blether and a chance to learn about wildflowers while making them though the wonderful medium of crocheting.

We are looking to create crocheted wildflowers native to Scotland to use a tool to connect people to nature and in particular meadows.  This will also run parallel to the meadow management we will be doing this year as part of our Habitats and access works for Creating Natural Connections. It is also fun!

For beginners we have a selection of hooks and wool and a few books to chat over different stitches and designs. I’m new to crocheting myself so it is a great time to learn tricks from seasoned crocheters ;) This is the first craft that I have learned something new every time I make something, it is fascinating.

If your a seasoned crochet artist feel free to bring your wool and hooks and share your love for the craft. You’ll have your own favourites that you work with, I know I am starting to build mine up!

You can take your make home with you or leave it with us for the meadow.



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