Recently Alba Scoticus, headteacher of Bugworts Academy of Witches, Warlocks and Wacky Wildlife, got in touch and asked if we would like to host an event at North Lanarkshire Council’s St Maurice’s Pond this year as there is a magical connection to the water and woodlands of the site. Well we jumped at the chance!

For the past few years we have held our Hallowe’en event in Cumbernauld Glen Wildlife Reserve but this year we felt it was time for a change of scene. Our Hallowe’en event is a family friendly night time self-led walk. Having the chance to see our parks and woodlands in a different light is quite exciting.

During the event there will be lots of different stations with fun activities to break up your walk. You might even see or hear the bats that skim the insects off the top of the pond. We will have a leader with a bat detector on the night.

Please note booking is essential for the event. We have earlier time slots for younger children – great for little ones who are not so sure of being out in the dark. Later slots are more suitable for older children and good footwear is advised. Waterproofs and a torch are a must and needless to say anyone coming along in fancy dress will be made very welcome!

Over the past three years we have entertained over 400 very happy people and we look forward to entertaining so many more in the years to come. We hope you will join us on Saturday 27 October for our free event, you can find more details on our Facebook page.


Tracy Lambert