Litter picking at Cumbernauld House Park (C) Aimée Moretti

Volunteers are at the very core of Cumbernauld Living Landscape. The work we have delivered over 4 years would not have been possible without the dedication, strength and joyous spirits of our Nature Ninja volunteers. We want to take the time to celebrate these brilliant people who have helped Cumbernauld Living Landscape reach its objectives and beyond.

Now in its 39th year the theme for 2023’s Volunteer Week is ‘Celebrate and Inspire.’  This theme aims to highlight that diversity is what makes a strong community, and at the beating heart of every community you will find volunteers. Sharing success stories and personal accounts will hopefully inspire and encourage people to be the change that we want to see, and prove that there is more than one way to volunteer.

Our Nature Ninja volunteers have dedicated so much time and energy to Cumbernauld’s greenspaces since 2019 and here are some figures to show the impressive work they’ve carried out over 4 years…

  • 4,290 trees have been planted
  • 962 standard size bin bags of litter collected
  • 68,182 sq metres of woodland has been managed (approx. the size of 5 Olympic swimming pools!)
  • 13,668 sq metres of invasive, non-native species have been removed
  • 18,417 sq metres of meadows maintained, managed or sown


Plug planting in Carbrain Gully (C) Aimée Moretti

When carrying out their weekly tasks the Nature Ninjas socialise, share stories and enjoy the serenity nature offers us. They also reflect on their efforts and have said ‘it’s amazing to see what a difference a small action can make’, ‘I’ve never seen anything like that before’ (about a Kelly Kettle), ‘It really creates so much light and space. It was so dark before and it has totally brightened up the area!’

The group really came together when faced with the Covid-19 pandemic and the isolation of that time by connecting with each other online, sharing creative endeavours and attending online workshops hosted by Cumbernauld Living Landscape staff. Volunteers have made it clear that without the online activities and friendships formed through the Nature Ninjas that they would have struggled more with the loneliness and anxiety the pandemic brought with it.

As we enter the final month of delivery for Cumbernauld Living Landscape we are making a conscious effort to celebrate and thank our volunteers for all that they have done for the project. One way we are showing our gratitude is by hosting a Go Wild event at St. Maurice’s Pond on Saturday 24th June. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more information.

Aimee Moretti