This year as you plan your Guy Fawkes Night celebrations have a thought for the wildlife who may take refuge in your bonfire.  Hedgehogs, frogs, toads and newts are looking for places to hibernate and your bonfire could appear to be the perfect spot. Here are some handy hints to help wildlife this November.

Before you light your bonfire please check, check and check again for small animals sleeping and hiding in the bonfire.  It is best to leave your bonfire construction to just before you light it and light it on one side to allow any sneaky wee stowaways an escape route. As an aside, wildlife friendly features in your garden such as hedgehog homes are always a lovely addition and the Scottish Wildlife Trust website has some suggestions on how to implement them in your garden.  Better yet – take a trip to Jupiter Urban Wildlife Centre.  The recently upgraded wildlife garden can give you some amazing ideas for your own home garden.  The staff will be able to explain all about them, why they are good for wildlife and how you can make your garden wildlife friendly.

Now back to our wildlife safety. If you come across a hedgehog, toad, frog or newt put on a pair of gloves and move them on to a protected area such as under a small shrub a safe distance from the fire. Remember to keep your fireworks away from your bonfire and from trees for the safety of you and the wildlife! Please make sure the fire is out! Have a bucket of water on hand. If you find an injured/burned animal in need of help get in touch with the Scottish SPCA.

By following these top tips you will ensure that  you and your garden wildlife will have a safe and enjoyable evening. Follow us on Facebook – Cumbernauld Living Landscape

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