Normally when we are talking about small coppers we mean butterflies, this time we mean business. During the summer our regular volunteers fall away due to family commitments, holidays and a chance to get out and enjoy the brief glimpses of sunshine we get here in Scotland. 

Small copper butterfly

However, this summer we have had a boost in numbers thanks to the lads and lassies of the Police Scotland Youth Volunteers. These volunteers are local teenagers who are taking part in a two year programme with Police Scotland to build up work experience, boost their confidence and become responsible members of our community.

They have been helping our Natural Connections project through work on the three sites to improve access, create a clean and inviting environment and promote safety through activities such as clearing vegetation, pruning trees and litter picking.

Cutting back overgrown branches from the path

On our last volunteer day the volunteers got stuck in at St Maurice’s Pond and as a result it is looking gorgeous. After a cuppa and some doughnuts – seriously, no police puns! – the group explored the site and were rewarded with an amazing display of bees, hoverflies, dragonflies and butterflies, not to mention the beautiful wildflowers in the meadow.

Peacock butterfly on scabious

We are going to keep working with the group in dedicated Sunday sessions, where we can focus on helping them achieve a John Muir Award and create greater impact for both the group and the town.

You can follow our progress on our website and Facebook page – Cumbernauld Living Landscape

Cumbernauld LL