A local orchard will receive some important TLC in the future thanks to a TCV training session for  Cumbernauld Village Action for the Community (CVAC) volunteers. Participants learnt about planting and caring for orchard trees, and will be able to apply what they have discovered to the Cumbernauld Village orchard. The session was delivered as part of Cumbernauld Living Landscape’s training programme, with further opportunities to come in the next few months. The sessions were led by Camilo Brokaw. Despite the slightly dreich weather everyone seemed to enjoy the day, and hopefully the whole community will enjoy the fruits of their labours as the trees thrive in the next few years!

Orchard tree
Trees like this need pruning to ensure they stay healthy and fruit well © Fiona McGrevey/CLLP
People looking at fruit tree
Participants learn the finer details of orchard management © Fiona McGrevey/CLLP


Cumbernauld Living Landscape