There are so many activities to do here in Cumbernauld!  Pic (c) CLL 

With the summer sun comes the thought of summer holidays, and with that comes the thought of … “how on earth are we going to keep the kids entertained for seven weeks?”

Well, we’re here to lend you a hand and give you some nature-based activity ideas, and what’s more, they are all completely free! The birds sing for your enjoyment with absolutely no intention of asking a wage for the privilege. Nature asks for no fee.

Summer is a wonderful time to spend time with your loved ones and explore the wonder of nature in all its colourful and vibrant glory! So why not pack a picnic and go for a walk in one of Cumbernauld’s many greenspaces?

Go for a bit of wildlife spotting: make a bingo sheet and see how many different leaves you can find, what birds can you spot? We have lots of different downloadable activities and PDFs on our website and they’re all free for you to use.

What about some colourful butterflies, moths, or dragonflies? You could even try and notice how many different types of grass there are. No kidding! There are so many to spot. Why not take an ID guide or use an app to learn the names of some new finds?

Another great idea is to challenge your family to a ‘Woodland Olympics.’ Try some pinecone shot-put (in a clearing away from others, of course), you could measure the distance using your strides. Is there anything you can see that could be used for hurdles? What about the long jump?! Maybe some relay races using that same pinecone? Who will win the gold?

Or maybe gather some fallen or loose natural items and make some art pieces on the ground. Create some shapes or scenes, or just create a word. Why not leave a smiley face made from twigs and grass to really make someone’s day?

Of course, there are the old school favourites. Who remembers how they felt doing bark rubbings as a child and flying a kite… Pooh Sticks, anyone? Or sitting in the shade of a tree whilst enjoying your favourite book? … Okay, that one might be more for the adults, but don’t forget this is your summer too!

There are so many amazing things to explore out there.  Head over to our ‘Activities‘ section as a starting point for some inspiration.

Summer is fun. Summer is life! Now go out there and live it. And make some wonderful memories!

Blog written by Natalie Dunn

Laura Healy Smith